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Where are you from?

I live in Durham, up in the cold North East.  

What do you do for a Living?

I’m currently a self employed Paramedic having left the NHS about 6 years ago, & First Aid trainer, with a little bit of buying and selling of Fire & medical equipment thrown in. Most FSPG members have bought something from me either at a sale or show or via facebook or ebay! I’m also a Fire Control operator

Do you have a Fire Service Background?

I was one of the first retained Fire Control Operators in the UK, currently with Cleveland Fire Brigade.  Like a retained firefighter I am “on Call” but usually respond only when the control room is short staffed, so my shifts are often pre-planned but they can be spur of the moment if we experience a major incident or staff sickness.  I have done this for over a year now, although I did work full time throughout the 2020 pandemic and I am currently on a temporary job share (one day one night) until March 2021.  I am also a volunteer Fire Cadet instructor with Durham & Darlington  FRS and Dad was a fireman so  I’ve sort of grown up with the Fire Service.

How long have you been a member of FSPG?

I joined in the 1980’s as a very small child, and apart from a short break in the noughties while I was at university. I’ve been a member ever since

How long have you been on the EC?

Just over 2 years.

Are there any positions/special roles/jobs that you do for the FSPG?

I am currently using my Media Qualifications, and handle the social media channels, I design and publish the website, and also any promotional materials/ graphic design that the group requires.

Why did you become a member of the EC?

I thought the group needed fresh ideas, it seemed to have started to stagnate and I was considering leaving the group, I thought id try to make it better rather than abandoning it. I also felt that the north needed some representation.

What vehicles /collections do you own?

MPT740P - 1975 Dennis D series Wrl ex Durham County FB

PHB464Y - 1882 Landrover 109 /Saxon L4P ex Gwent FB

1939 Deluge Set on a Coventry Climax Trailer

2x WW2 Manual Pumps - Lee Howl 2 Man & Westhill (Sheffield) 1 Man

Plus a large collection of helmets, badges & general junk as it was once described!

What’s on your shopping list?

Probably something to tow the deluge set, maybe a nice 1930s car, I can ‘wreck’ with a ladder rack white running boards and highlights and a stack of random kit strewn allover.  Not that I have the finances or space for that yet..

What is your favourite era for re-enacting/ to portray in arena events?

I do like to play with he Dennis, its era I grew up with, these are the machines that were on the streets, but If I had to choose, I think WW2 is where the action is, its what the group was created for, and is an era where we need to educate continually remind people of what happened  as those first hand memories are dying out.

What is your favourite thing to do at a rally?

I like putting the show together, after that I like to play, its what makes the weekend, but also passing knowledge onto the younger members, they are the future

What you get out of being a member of FSPG?

Its a good network for parts and experience for when you have an issue and its good to know there’s a Public liability insurance in place just in case.

Have you got a random piece of fact/trivia/skill you would like to share?
I’m a frustrated drummer, having given up playing for money about 5 years ago but I still tap along on the steering wheel (especially on the way to shows!) much to the annoyance of people in the cab. I’ve also been learning to sign-write, which will come in useful when the machines need a repaint and the signwriting needs redoing.